Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dear Frankie (2004)

Dear Frankie is a very touching story about a woman who leaves an abusive husband along with her son Frankie, when he is very young. Later she starts writing letters to Frankie, full of stories about adventures his father has while sailing around the world, and signed with his name. Things come to a head when the ship that Frankie's dad is supposedly on happens to dock in their little Scottish town. Enter the handsome stranger who is willing to play the part for a few days. Predictably, he is like, the perfect guy, and they bond. Emily Mortimer's character is understandably a little bit cold and untrusting, but somehow she is still lovely. Maybe it's because I liked her so much in Lars and the Real Girl. Also, Frankie is deaf, which is not just a gimmick but is significant in several ways.

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