Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

In all honesty the fact that Javier Bardem's character has sex with three beautiful women in this movie (and sometimes with two at once) is not the main reason I went to see it. But I was slightly disappointed to learn upon arriving at the theater that it was only rated PG-13. Anyway I thought it was a very strong film that was extremely well-cast right down to the smallest of roles, except for one. Although I'm not against the use of a narrator in principle, I did find this one a little distracting and overused. Was it really necessary for him to tell us that a guy in Vicky's class was checking her out when he was very clearly executing the clichéd glance across the aisle during a lecture? And would it have been too subtle for the audience if he hadn't constantly been pointing out that large amounts of good Spanish wine were being consumed? As tired as I am of Morgan Freeman voice-overs, at least if he had done it certain scenes wouldn't have reminded me of sex-ed videos in health class. But that issue aside, it's a funny film.

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