Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Counterfeiters (2007)

They will never stop making films about WWII or the Holocaust, so hopefully at least some of them will not require battles and explosions or scenes of unbearable cruelty. The Counterfeiters is one such film, and while its characters may be mostly fictionalized the events depicted are more or less historically accurate. Karl Markovics gives one of many fine performances as Sally, the infamous counterfeiter who suddenly finds himself being forced by the Nazis to use his skills for far more terrible purposes than he is accustomed to, with the aim of toppling the British economy and eventually cracking the American dollar as well. The story presents an interesting moral quandary: do you protect your mates by aiding the Nazis in the war effort, or do you stick to your principles and accept certain death? After all, you might be risking an evil empire's global domination just to save your miserable life, but as Markovics's Sally reminds us, "our miserable lives are all we have".

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