Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tropic Thunder (2008)

I laughed my ass off during the first 30 or so minutes. After that, things get a little repetitive and the film becomes as unoriginal as the kind that are ridiculed in the phony trailers (which are almost as funny as the ones in Grindhouse) in the opening scenes. Robert Downey, Jr. is as good as everyone says he is, but the joke that is his character doesn't have quite enough life for the full length of the movie, although his eventual epiphany is pretty great. Jack Black's character is one of the weakest, if only because a slapstick portrayal of drug addiction could never come close to capturing the bizarre hilarity (of the lighter side) of the real thing. Tom Cruise didn't score any points with me. The character was probably well-written, but I think he overdid it a bit. And if anyone needed to know if the whole old-white-guy-dancing-to-hip-hop thing has suddenly become funny, the answer is no.

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