Saturday, March 28, 2009

Broken Rainbow (1985)

"In the Navajo tongue there is no word for relocation. To move away means to disappear and never be seen again." There is too much to explain here. Although this documentary won the Oscar in 1986, it's difficult to find much information on the subject online. The Wikipedia article, for example, is only a stub with a few links to things like "Navajo Native Americans", "Arizona" and "Martin Sheen" (narrator). In 1974 over 10,000 Navajo were ordered to relocate from their homes in northern Arizona. Many resisted and over the next decade the government proceeded to systematically destroy their way of life. What were the reasons? Coal, oil, natural gas and uranium. Anyone who says differently, like the late Barry Goldwater did (John McCain's scumbag predecessor), is not to be trusted.

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