Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paprika (2006)

Many moviegoers shy away from anime features because they think they are all very confusing sci-fi torture porns for nerdy teenagers, or maybe they think they're all just cartoons for kids. Although Paprika does get a little confusing at times, there is only a brief threat of torture porn in an otherwise delightful and engaging story. According to the film and many so-called dream experts, we all have at least one "epic blockbuster" dream every night. What if someday, with the help of very sophisticated technology, they could be viewed, recorded or shared in real-time with another person? How could such technology be used for good, and how might it be misused? What could we learn if we had a stronger link to our subconscious minds? The film doesn't really answer these questions so much as use them as a starting point for a trippy adventure. The author of the original novel wanted to get a live-action film made for many years, but even today it would be too difficult and costly to be able to do it justice. No big loss in my opinion; it's more fun in animated form.

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