Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fool's Gold (2008)

I swear that I only watched this because I was on an airplane. But I admit to sitting through the entire thing, despite how awful it made me feel. It's primarily an action/adventure movie but it also features three unfunny jokes every minute. Half of them are about how great Matthew McConaughey's character is in bed. I would expect McConaughey and Hudson to be involved in crappy projects like this, but Donald Sutherland should be ashamed of himself. And guess what...they find treasure at the end! Loads of it! They accomplish this by teaming-up with other white people, who were previously competing with them, and killing some black guys who stand in their way. Or maybe they just beat them up. I can't remember. But the main bad guy definitely fell out of a helicopter and I'm pretty sure he died. This movie is retarded.


The Fallons said...

I don't believe you, I think you actually rented this. Nice try blaming it on the airplane movie. What's next, Big Momma's House Two?

As for the kitchen pictures, they are coming but wouldn't you just rather see more pics of Sam?

scituate said...

I swear it was on the airplane but I can't prove it because the in-flight magazine says something different.