Friday, June 13, 2008

King Corn (2007)

When I was in elementary school our class had a field trip to the science museum to see a 3-D IMAX film called We Are Born of Stars. While that title may ring true on a cosmological scale, a more localized version of it might have been called We Are Born of Corn. What the industry has done to the growing process and to the grain itself is seriously mind-boggling. You have probably heard a lot of this before, but there are many questions that still need to be answered, and here the answers are pursued quite earnestly. The Fisher Price stop motion animation is overused, to say the least, and Ian and Curtis spend an enormous amount of time staring blankly at whoever happens to be answering their questions or helping them grow their acre, but hey, it's not bad for two recent college grads who are composed of mostly corn and corn products.


Wiwille said...

I really enjoyed this film despite it's flaws. The subject matter was surprisingly engaging which is a feat considering it's about agriculture.

scituate said...

Yeah, they pulled off a pretty solid documentary with seemingly not that much experience. It's about agriculture, but really important issues that we should stop ignoring.