Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teeth (2007) (A re-review)

I've come under intense criticism from several parties for my enthusiastic review and 5-star rating of Teeth. Apparently I underestimated the incredible influence that this blog has on the DVD rental activity of the average American family. I may have acted a little bit recklessly by giving this one top scores. After all, who really needs to see the vagina dentata movie right now, or ever? But I still think it's a very funny film. And because 99% of horror movies are so bad, especially those that make it into theaters, I find movies like this that make fun of the genre and take things to such an absurd extreme to be very refreshing. And I wouldn't include garbage like Scary Movie in this category, which is cheap and easy parody of other popular garbage, as opposed to more intelligent self-parody like Re-Animator or Evil Dead. Most viewers should have a pretty good idea of whether or not they will enjoy Teeth, as long as that idea is based on whether or not they think the concept is a funny one for a satirical movie, and they are not expecting to be terrified by the toothed vagina.

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The Fallons said...

You should do a re-re-review.