Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cry-Baby (1990)

I think this will be the last John Waters film I see for a good long while, until I decide it's time to watch Polyester again. This was earning points for style early on, and I like Johnny Depp and Amy Locane (not pictured) a lot in it but there is really no story here at all, besides a little Romeo and Juliet thing, Square and Drape style (that's what they called Socs and Greasers in 1950s Baltimore). Characters like Hatchet Face (left) and Ramona Rickettes are bizarre and seem a little out of place in a movie with a generally mainstream feel. I fell asleep sometime during the 10th dance number or when the Drapes were breaking Cry-Baby out of jail or causing a riot somewhere, I can't really remember. Anyway, this is no Hairspray.

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