Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight (2008) (a re-review)

Now that I've seen the film I need to take back some of what I said earlier. I thought most of The Dark Knight was very cool but it is hardly a perfect film, which many critics and fans have been calling it. But what you've heard about Heath Ledger's performance is true. It's brilliant and I loved every second of it. I wanted this film to be a masterpiece, but sometime during the last thirty minutes or so I found myself not really caring about the new Bat Sonar technology or the latest group of Gotham citizens to be taken hostage. From there the film devolved into melodrama over Batman's questionable role as protector of the city. And now I find myself agreeing with the critic from Newsweek who sounded so uptight when he said "This is Batman, not Hamlet."

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