Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Dirty Shame (2004)

I accidentally bought a copy of "The Neuter Version" of this movie in a thrift store in New York recently, and if it hadn't been so terrible I might have considered giving the unedited version a chance. I love John Waters but I don't remember laughing even once during A Dirty Shame. Waters is a very funny guy in person but the golden age of his trash movies has definitely come and gone. He's on to bigger and better things with two Broadway adaptations and boatloads of money. Anyway, I agree with Roger Ebert that one of the flaws of the film is that it's too encyclopedic. It amounts to not much more than a list of fetishes, some real and some made-up. When Waters does his occasional stand-up routine and comes out against adults wearing diapers or guys telling their families that they are "bears", it's funny. But there is nothing funny about a bunch of hairy guys sitting around going "grrrr, we're bears!" Yeah, I've heard of bears, now where's the punchline?

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