Sunday, August 3, 2008

Feed (2005)

According to the filmmakers everything in this movie is based on "behaviors occurring between consenting adults...right now." I'll take their word for it because I'm not very familiar with the phenomenon of "feeders" and "gainers". The guy holding the fast food bags is the feeder (and the webmaster) and the woman on the bed is obviously the gainer. Needless to say, this is a fairly disgusting movie, but that's not the reason why I didn't like it. It has the same problem as the first of far too many Saw sequels. It gets bogged down with exploring the philosophy and motivation of the killer, neither of which make much sense, and turns a movie that should be a lot more fun into a pseudo-psychological thriller that's difficult to buy-into. It also has an endless amount of cheesy computer hacking scenes whose purpose is to show us that our protagonist cyber-crime cop is more or less omnipotent with the mouse and keyboard, except for not being able to break through that last layer of security into the "administrator files". But don't worry, he'll figure out the password in two or three guesses.

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