Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Joy Ride (2001)

I don't get it. This was widely praised by critics as a terrifying, entertaining, popcorn thriller. I didn't much care for any of the actors and I never felt even the slightest bit scared. I'll grant them that the film had a nice look to it, but the sadistic trucker on the CB just didn't do it for me. When they first start messing around with the radio one of the brothers says "This is like some kinda prehistoric Internet". Yes, prehistoric! That's exactly right! It's from the days before recorded history, when guys would prank each other by poorly disguising their voices and pretending to be very attractive females who wanted to meet-up at motels, and then often be murdered for taking the joke too far. The descendants of the survivors would later make bad movies about it.

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you cynical bastard!!!