Monday, August 18, 2008

Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

I think this is Gus Van Sant's and Matt Dillon's best work. I picked up the original novel a while back in my local public library but I didn't check it out because I realized that there's very little difference between it and the screenplay, which makes perfect sense for a story that is really more interested in conversations (The Big Lebowski also comes to mind) than the incidental action. And there is no better druggie writing out there than James Fogle's perfect dialogue, which I can only believe was inspired by actual conversations occurring under the influence that he remembered or misremembered. This kind of dark humor makes me happier than almost anything else that happens on film.

"Well, to begin with, nobody, and I mean nobody, can talk a junkie out of using. You can talk to 'em for years but sooner or later they're gonna get ahold of something. Maybe it's not dope. Maybe it's booze, maybe it's glue, maybe it's gasoline. Maybe it's a gunshot to the head. But something. Something to relieve the pressures of their everyday life, like having to tie their shoes."

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