Friday, August 8, 2008

Open Your Eyes (1997)

If you've already seen the American remake Vanilla Sky, then the original Spanish film Abre Los Ojos probably won't have quite the same effect on you as it did me, but it's a masterpiece in its own right that's still worth watching. So much is accomplished in this film with so little in the way of effects and only a clever variation on a very old plot device. Eduardo Noriega and Penelope Cruz are excellent together. Certain scenes gave me chills like I had never felt before. They weren't the kind you get when you are simply frightened, but rather something you might feel when you discover that the reality you have clung to for your entire life has suddenly vanished with no hope of ever being restored. But then it's just a movie, so isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I honestly can't say. All I know is that I am really, really into this flick.

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