Saturday, August 9, 2008

Transamerica (2005)

It's rare that I would give a universally well-reviewed, award-winning and Oscar-nominated film such a low rating, but besides the fact that it received so much attention I just didn't think there was anything all that special about it. Felicity Huffman's performance was overrated, and seems to be inspired by Frasier's wife Lilith from Cheers. They did a good job of making her unattractive for the role, (But why does she look so good on the poster? Inner beauty, I guess.) but that wasn't enough to convince me that she was an M to F transsexual. After all, there is a difference between those two things. And it's unfair of me to single out Transamerica for this, but when are people going to learn not to leave their keys in the car so that any sketchy character who wanders into the film can just hop in and take off? At least they gave Maude her own magic key for that.

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