Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grandma's Boy (2006)

This movie was mercilessly trashed by all kinds of critics. And it's actually pretty hard to argue with most of them since it is, after all, extremely silly with virtually no story line. The only real conflict develops from Allen Covert's character's poor decision to write a new kick-ass video game all by himself and directly onto a CD, with no backup copies or proof that it's his work, which gets stolen by another jealous employee of his software firm. In my book, that actually wins this film some points for not being afraid to contrive the hell out of the plot. Anyway, the characters are funny enough to make it worthwhile, and there are many things that made it stand out for me when compared to more mainstream comedies of late. For example, there's this one joke that involves semen, and they manage to pull it off without actually having to show the semen! Now that's refreshing.

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